How I made $377 in one weekend with Viral Dollars

I'm going to let you in on a newly discovered secret weapon. I recently discovered a new site that pays you to complete challenges on their $30 task wall (yepp, you guessed it... paid surveys and paid game tests / app downloads).

You also get paid for referring your friends and family to their site. Payout is legit (paid out via paypal) and it's super easy to use. If you haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend signing up for Viral Dollars. If you use my referral link below you'll get $25 free as a sign-up bonus! Woo-hoo Free Cash!

So far so good! I've only been a member for less than a week and have already earned $377 over the course of one weekend. Viral Dollars is definitely the best-paid site that lets you earn money with social media.

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The Deal Finder Bible: How I snag freebies, 70-99% off promo codes, samples and completely free products in exchange for a product review

Every day I get asked "where do you snag all these awesome deals & free gear?". I also frequently get asked how the **** I have time to complete the long, boring, often spammy surveys which most of the web's "freebies" require you to complete. The short answer is I don't. 

In this blog post I will unveil my holygrail secret deal-snagging weapons that are trustworthy, spam free, and most of all fun & exciting. I rarely participate in anything requiring surveys or ad clicks or signups because I'm simply not interested in my personal details being passed on to yet another advertiser. I have worked around the clock for the past year finding the TOP reviewer opportunities and best kept secrets of every bargain hunters dreams. Ready? Let's get right to the good stuff. 

This is the holygrail: My collection of the web's best kept secret weapons for every savvy bargain hunting shopper. 

  1. Snagshout
  4. www.rank-booster
  5. www.loothoot

One of my favorite sites for heavily discounted products is Snagshout because of the great selection. The products available are actually trending items, many high quality and majority come with promo codes for anywhere between 50-90% off.
The reviews are encouraged by not required and the site itself has a really nice layout, searchable function, no glitches or spam and as you participate more and more you are given extra "snags". What are snags? The daily allowance once is given to redeem a high value promo code. It starts with one snap per day upon signup but grows the more you complete your profile and are active on the site.



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